Thursday, July 11, 2013

NEW IN: Zara closed toe stappy sandals + Cupid tri tone Ankle strap heels + MMM for H&M

Hello Lovelies,
I've been asked why I have never done a post about what I recently bought or received and the only answer I have to that is: I never thought about it! So here's my first post about what I found during my latest shopping adventure.

1. Maison Martin Margiela for H&M replica | 2. Cupid Immortal-07 Tri tone Ankle Strap Heels | 3. Zara Closed toe strappy sandals (remember I wore them here)

          I love the MMM (H&M) replica in pink, they are so comfortable and they go well with almost everything that wear, these days. That reminds me, I should make an outfit post wearing them one of these days. The Cupid ankle strap heels, the first time I saw them, it was a love at first sight but now, not so much. These heels are so comfortable, it's beyond imagination. The back zipper digs in your skin as you walk. I wore them for only twenty minutes and I came back home with two big scratches on the back of my legs (Somebody says Ouch!). Finally but not last, the zara closed toe strappy sandals, that's what I call a shoe, I love everything about it and I wear them almost everyday!

Hope you liked this post and if you liked any of the shoes, follow the link and get yourself a pair!

Have an A-W-E-some day!


Carmen said...

The white and black heels look amazing! Want :D

ravenlocks said...

Those shoes are all GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see an outfit post of you wearing those MMM replicas.

xo Azu

Irina Bezdezhsky said...

Love your shoe selections!!