Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What to wear when shopping with friends

Hello lovelies,

         It's so sunny outside and what a better way to use the sunlight to compliment your outfit? Well, by using the it as your flash instead of your camera flash and let it shine on all the angles!! 

     I wore this outfit today when I went shopping with my girlfriends and I decided to wear a chiffon top over my floral dress that is dip dye too. So amazing! I wanted to add an edge to my outfit and make the floral pattern work with my personal style (I'm not too much of a floral girl), ha!

[wearing]:  H&M light blue heels | Forever 21 chiffon top | Forever21 Floral dress | Forever21 pink Grosgain Ribbon Cloche hat

Hope you are having a good time!What's your shopping outfit?

Lots of Love
Xoxo Lovelies

Travel: Maui '12

Hello Lovelies,
Recently, I have been dreaming that I'm on this imaginary and beautiful island in the middle of nowhere. Food (good food) is hanging down on the trees, the water is turqoise and there are waterfalls everywhere! (Am I the only one thinking about it?)
Then, I feel a pain in the back of my neck and I end up waking up in my books (I'm studying for the MCAT). However, for my Springbreak 2012, I visited Maui, which is one of the islands of Hawaii and let's just say, it was just like my dream, it was paradise!

Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY: Fringe top

Hello Lovelies,
I was bored yesterday so I decided to recycle some of my clothes and here is an old 'Bob Marley' top I had that I transformed into a fringe top!

 What you need:
1. An old top
2. A pair of scissors (and a ruler for step 4)
3. A marker
4. A tape
5. Your magical fingers!

Step 1: Tape the top

Start by wearing your top and look at yourself in the mirror to decide where you want to cut the top. Then, use a marker to put a small line on the spot. Once you're done, take off your top and place the tape around it. This will give a mark and tell you where to stop cutting.

Step2: Cutting

1. By using your thumb as a measurement, cut vertically until you reach the bottom of the tape. Please don't cut your beautiful thumb!! (advice: make sure that the linings (Seams) of the shirt that are on the sides, are in the middle of your cuts so when you wear your top, it's not going to tear apart, with time).
2. When you're done cutting your fringes, you have to cut the seams (Just cut right above them).

Step 3: Stretch & Twirl

For this step I only have 2 words for it: Stretch-Twirl lol. Yes, you just have to hold one fringe and stretch, then twirl it once. You don't have to twirl it though. I always do it because I want my fringes to be more spaced out from each other.

Step 4: Cutting the neckline (Optional)

You don't have to do this step if you already like the neckline of the t-shirt you used. Mine was not that good and I wanted something different so I added the small opening that you can see on the first picture. For that, I used the top tag to measure the cut and from the middle of the neckline, I put a point 4 cm from the neckline. I used the ruler to trace 2 lines from the neckline to the point before I cut it.

Thanks for reading my post and hope you liked my first DIY project. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Like a princess

Hello Lovelies,

     Today was a special day for my friend Christa. It was that day that only comes once in a year: It was her birthday! ha! I wore this coral skirt that I paired with a lace top from H&M (the top is actually peplum) and I had so many compliments about the outfit that I just wanted to share the pictures of the outfit with you.

What I wore: 
Charlotte russe peplum white lace top

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sweet Scents: Top 5 perfumes for me

Hello Lovelies,
this post is dedicated to my favorite perfumes. Since I was little, I've always loved perfumes. I used to steal (not really) my mom's perfumes when she was not around and go play outside with my friends. As soon as she gets back home, I would run in the bathroom to take a shower so she won't smell it on me. I thought I was a very smart kid but this whole time she knew it but she thought it was funny to look at me, trying so hard to hide something so trivial! (ha!)
Anyways I stopped doing it when I turned 12 and got my first perfume from my dearest Dad (Dads, they seem to be the first to offer perfume to their girls!)

1. J'adore by Dior is my all time favorite and the first perfume I ever got! This is the back-perfume, the one I buy when I'm in need of a perfume and I don't know which one to get.
2. Viva La Juicy is my second favorite perfume (for some reasons this perfume attract guys because they always and randomly compliment me when I'm wearing this perfume. Maybe there are some kind of pheromones in there!
3. I love Coco Mademoiselle Chanel, its luxurious scent makes any woman feel fresh, young and more importantly classy! I think any woman should own or at least try this perfume because it can also be worn anytime of the day (preferably in the morning and evening in my opinion).
4. Lolita Lempicka: I fell in love the first time I smelled the scent of this perfume on my mom! It's sweet scent but yet spicy is very addictive and attractive and it is affordable too! Once you'll use it once, you're not gonna want to let it go! (ha!)

5. D&G Light Blue: Since it has been introduced into the world of perfumerie in 2001, this perfume has gained popularity among all sophisticated women and I like to think that I'm one of those sophisticated women who always have a bottle of this perfume in my collection (ha!). I really love it!

What's your favorite perfumes? Do you think I should try another perfume you like?
Thanks for reading Lovely!
Have a scented day!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Black and white blazer vest

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday, I went out with my friends and these days I’m so addicted to my vest, I feel like I can and want to wear it with anything!!
Xoxo Lovelies

What was I wearing:
 Thrifted light orange Top
Charlotte Russe ombre dip dye silver necklace

Enough of me,
Have a beautiful day Lovelies!

Most Wearable Fall fashion trends 2012

Fashion trends change consistently!!!
But so far, since the past 3 years, we've seen the same trends coming back again and again. By that I mean, there is no big changes that would make us change our whole closet.
Personally, I've nothing against it, on the inverse, I'm very happy because I get to reuse my long forgotten clothes, accessories and other items!
However, I wish we still had the yellow neon color (I know it's a summerly look) and the animal prints/patterns as trends....For some reason, I can't get over them!!
Fall 2012’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends Fashion: glamour.com
I want to add that military outfit and the Camo (camouflage) pattern are on the rise too!

You might also want to check the fashion color trends for Fall 2012:

[From top left to bottom right: Burnt Orange, Eggplant and Burgendy, Royal blue, Deep teal, Cerulean (look like turquoise to me), Peach (Yay!), Primrose yellow/mustard yellow (I wish it was neon yellow),Venetian red]

here's a link to refinery29 website:


Leave me a comment to tell me what you think about the Fall fashion trends.
XoXo :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning Monday

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin

Hello Lovelies,
A new week has started and we're in for more work, more work and more work and we have to face it! Wouldn't you like to wake up one day and turn on the News and hear that Monday has been cancelled for the week? I sure would like that, but on the other hand, I know that my whole week would consist of doing extra work, not done from Monday. So when I think like that, it keeps me going and embrace Monday with a big smile! What makes you wake up from your bed with motivation on Mondays??

Dinner Time

What was I wearing: Turquoise necklace, Miztique Teal bag, Neon orange crop tank top, Macy's Black and white blazer vest, the same exact vest can be found at Forever 21 for less here, H&M sandals, H&M Studded bracelets, Red Bandana

Xoxo Lovelies