Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the Repeat

Hello Lovelies,
I can't get enough of this peplum top, I love it and I love it a lot. It's just so comfortable and it goes well with everything!
Have you ever had a top or bottom cloth you just want to wear everyday and for any occasion? If yes, then you understand me (ha!).

[Wearing]: Lulu's Army green military jacket (last seen here) | JCPenney White peplum lace top (very similar here) |H&M Leather shorts (old, very similar here) | Urbanog blue pointy-toe ankle strap pump (here)| Accessories: H&M jewelry, ASOS gold cross elastic waist belt (here), Gold Aviator sunglasses (similar here).

I received my new bookend from CB2 and I love it! It's a great addition to my little home office table (Get the same pig bookend here).

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Classic Red & White

Hello Lovelies,
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I recently bought this red dress from JCPenney and I love how it is so fluffy! The top, also from JCPenney, comes with the shorts and it's one size big. I usually wear small, but even the X-small does not fit me very well.

[Wearing]: H&M jacket (similar here) | JCPenney White peplum lace top (very similar here) | Arizona red lace dress (here) | Shoedazzle black & gold sandals (last seen here) | Accessories: Jessica Simpson leather bag (similar here), ASOS gold cross elastic waist belt (here), H&M jewelry, 80's purple sunglasses (last seen here).

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY: Spiked Thrift Jacket + Rainy day outfit

Hello Lovelies,
Two days ago I took a friend to a newly opened thrift shop, Plato's Closet, and although I wasn't planning on buying anything, I ended up getting a very nice and new looking tan jacket for a whooping price of $10!

Just to customize it, I added some studs I ordered from here using my DIY projects material, which are just a screwdriver and a screw (ha!).

- Jacket
- 7*10mm Screwback Golden Spikes
- Measuring tape/Ruler
- Screwdriver
- A screw (make sure it's not too big compared to the spike screw)
- A sharpie
- A box lid 

To create: Arrange the spikes the way you want them to be on your jacket by using a ruler to make sure that the space in between the spikes is the same. On my jacket, every spike was 2cm away from the next spike. Then use a sharpie to put a dot where you're going to put the spikes. Place a box lid inside the jacket, under the dots to protect the other side of the jacket from being perforated. Use a screw to make a hole where the dots are by turning slowly. Finally, add the spikes and use the screwdriver to tighten them up (Be careful not to tighten them up too much). Enjoy your new spiked Jacket! 

[Wearing]: Thrift DIY spiked Jacket | Forever21 Striped sweater (here) | JCPenney Neon Yellow Ankle jeans (similar here) | Urbanog Back Bow pointy Toe Pump (here) | Accessories: Michael Kors brown leather satchel, H&M jewelry and leopard print scarf. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Killer Studded Camouflage Jacket

Hello Lovelies,
The weather has been pretty good up here, in central New York. After 5 months of coldness, it's nice to finally rock our skirts and shorts, even if it's just for two days in a week!
I just got this camo jacket from Forever21 at such a great price and I'm in love with it. It's lightweight, oversized and it has a washed look to it, which makes it so cool (ha!). Unfortunately, one stud is already missing, just after 2 days!

[Wearing] : Forever21 Studded Camouflage Military Jacket (here) | Macy's light blue denim shirt (Old! Similar here) | American Apparel chiffon skater black skirt (very similar here) | Lulu's Oxy 5 black and Rafia Lace-up Spectator oxfords (here) | Accessories: Michael Kors brown leather satchel (last seen here), 80's Purple Audrey Vintage Frame Oversized Circle Sunglasses, H&M necklace and belt, Charlotte Russe ring.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The man behind the camera

Hello Lovelies,
I know I promised to make one of my outfit post but i couldn't resist to do this. My boyfriend is rarely in the pictures because he's the one always taking them (He doesn't like being in pictures anyways but I like being them so it works perfectly for both of us ha!). 
I love his style. He's not afraid to play with colors, to mix and match different textures, and it always turns out well for him. Although I gotta admit, he's not really into layering too much his clothes like I am.

[Wearing]: Abercombrie blue navy winter jacket army style (old! But very similar here), T.J. Maxx blue & brown squares shirt (similar here), Burlington slim fit skinny red jeans (very similar here), winter brown boots  (similar here)

Have a lovely day 
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Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY: Use a picture frame as a tray

Hello Lovelies,
Have you noticed how trays are getting more expensive everyday and some of them are not even that pretty? Well, I decided to make myself a tray using an shadow box I bought from Walmart for $5.99 and I show you step-by-step how you can do it too.

What you need:
- 1 shadow box or a picture frame (Dimension: 11.5" x 9.75 " for $5.99 from Walmart)
- 1 pair of handles ($3.99 from Walmart)
- 1 magazine of your choice
- A screwdriver and screws (type 4)

Step1: Remove everything that is inside the frame and take off the little standing stick behind the picture frame.

Step 2: Measure where you want you handles to be. I decided to put the handles on the sides of the picture frame because I didn't have enough space for the handles on the top sides. Once you've marked where you're going to insert screws, screw both handles on the sides. Make sure you leave enough space between the screws and the frame floor because you are going to put back everything you took out of the shadow box and they'll have to fit (especially the glass since it can't be bent) in between the screws and the picture frame floor.

Step 3: Remove one of the handles to place the glass and screw the handle back to where it was.

Step 4: Choose an image from your magazine and put it inside the box, followed by everything else back inside the shadow box (I took an Miss Dior perfume image from BAZAAR April 2013).

Step 5: Now step back and admire your work! 

I'm predicting that in the near future, I'll have more than one framed tray! (ha!)
Have a Lovely day,
Thanks for reading!

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