Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Outfit post: The Geometric dress

Hello lovelies,
One day left for the month of August and then we'll begin the month of September, which is my favorite month. My birthday is the 30th of September so of course I celebrate my birthday every day of the month! (ha!)
In the meantime, here is the outfit I wore today:

I was going for a simple look so I didn't wear any extravagant bracelets or necklaces because I felt that my dress was already too showy for daylight. So to tone it down, I avoided any extra stuffs!

[Wearing]: T.J. Maxx geometric dress | Urbanog Brown Cap toe heels | Shoedazzle blue bag | Charlotte Russe and H&M Accessories

What do you think about my outfit? Hype my look if you like it!

Thanks for reading,
Lots of Love!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perfumerie: Ways to organize your perfumes

Hello Lovelies, 
Yesterday as I was looking for new ideas to re-arrange my apartment, I found interesting ways of organizing perfumes and I decided I should share them with you.

I love the above idea of putting all the perfumes on a shell in the bathroom and I think it is very practical and a space saver for those who have dozens of perfumes.
 This is how I organize my perfumes, some are on an old plate and others are on the shelf on top of my mirror

This is another way how I organize my perfumes but of course the candles are always, ok usually off (Fire hazard!)
Another way on how you can organize your perfumes
This is the old way I used to organize my perfumes but not anymore!

Since we should always give credit to the owner of the photos we use, here are the links to the sites where I found some of these photos: Photo 1 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5 (couldn't find the link :( )

Thanks for reading and hope I inspired you with this post,
Have a great day Lovely!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Outfit of yesterday: Sharing my Peplum Love

"Don't be afraid to wear yourself; Exhaust your imagination and trust your sense of style because what's your entourage see as odd today might be seen as trendy by the world of tomorrow." - J.N. 

Hello Lovelies,
I have always been a peplum girl! I think peplum clothing items add a classy feel to whatever you decide to pair them with. 

Yesterday I decided to wear my gold/bronze peplum top with shorts and oxford shoes. I went for this look because I wanted to be at my ease since I was going to move around a lot and I wasn't feeling like wearing just casual clothes because I had a date (with just a friend, ha!) later in the evening.

Although my top was already very goldish bronze and by itself, it would have been a good piece of accessory, I accessorized my outfit with a lot of bracelets because, first all, I love accessories and I feel kind of naked when I'm not wearing any and because I wanted to have something that would match my shoes (white necklace and white bracelets). I do really think that the more the better when it comes to accessories! If I had to change something about the outfit though, it would be the earrings. I would go for smaller ones, but hey it's not that bad! (ha!)

 [Wearing]: Charlotte Russe bronze peplum top | Forever 21 shorts (old!) | Steve Madden black and white Oxfords (old!) | accessories: Charlotte Russe and H&M | Shoedazzle Leopard print handbag (check here)

Lots of Love,
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

TRAVEL: Let's Go to Sylvan Beach!

"Let's go to the beach, each, let's go get away. They say what they gonna say." Starships by Nicki Minaj 
Hello Lovelies,
Living Upstate New York doesn't mean, never going to the beach and get away! Although, there is no ocean around (of course), there are still several lakes with beautiful beaches for everyone to enjoy! One of my favorite is Sylvan beach.
[Photos]: Left (nowadays) | Right-Top (1920's) | Right-Bottom (1950's)

Sylvan beach is actually a small village (a small population of approximately 900) in Oneida county, New York, USA, more specifically in the western end of the town of Vienna. The beach side is adjacent to the Erie canal and on the east shore of Oneida Lake (wiki!)

 Amazing Sylvan Beach Sunset photo made by Iddybud and found here

Sometimes, it's hard to find what to do here Upstate New York but there are a lot of activities to do at Sylvan Beach:

1. Go to the Sylvan Beach Amusement park | 2. Have fun at Turning Stone Casino & Resort (The nightclub Lava is the place to be on Fri & Sat)| 3. Visit Fort Rickey children's discovery zoo | 4. Or take a trip to the Erie Canal

 I love the Farmers Market (happens every Fri)! 

{Address: 112 Bridge, Sylvan Beach, NY, 13157}

Did you go to the beach this summer? I would love to see your pictures, so leave me a comment and a link to your 'beach' post!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Outfit of the Day: How I wear my peach lace skirt with a black&white shirt

"Rest when you weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work." - Ralph Marston
Hello Lovelies,
I've been busy with the arrival of my friend from Finland, who came to visit me for 5 days, but now I'm back to blogging and I have many pictures of my outfits I have been wearing these past couple of days!

I wore this outfit when we had a girl night out. The skirt was a little bit too short but I love it so I couldn't resist to wear it! The heels are new and I thought they would be hard to walk in them because they were a little bit tight but they were very comfortable. Ladies, You know that feeling you have when you are walking in sandals and you feel that your feet are swimming sliding up and down in the shoes and it start hurting the bottom of your feet; well I didn't get that feeling!

[Wearing]: Charlotte Russe peach lace skirt | Forever 21 black and white shirt | H&M accessories | Aldo black patent croco clutch bag (old!) | black & gold Socialite heels by Shoedazzle (very confortable!)

I'm seriously starting to get converted to a shoedazzle fan!
Lots of Love,
Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friends Reunion

Hello Lovelies,
I'm so happy right now, my friend from Finland, Maria, came to visit me and she is staying for 5 days! YAY! She's been with me since Wednesday the 15th and I had forgotten how fun it is to be a tourist in your own city, taking pictures of everything and everywhere, shopping and eating like there's no tomorrow! ha! 
It seriously feels like I'm also on vacation and I have traveled to this exotic, wonderful place where everything, even the stones, is worth taking a picture of.

DAY 1-2
All met in Utica (UC) and still together!
DAY 3-4
There's no such thing as a girls vacation without a little bit of Cosmo & cuticle treatment?!

Lots of Love Lovelies,
Thanks for reading !

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Leibster Award

Hey guys! I just got tagged for a Leibster Award by an amazing beauty and fashion blogger Amelia, whose blog is "Paris when it's Pink". Her blog posts are really great and her reviews are helpful. She's just amazing, check it out!!

As part of this award the rules are...
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions in the tag (the person who awarded you should have a set of questions!)
3. Choose 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to award this to and link them in this post.
4. Tell them you have awarded it to them! 

11 things about me:
1. I love laughing more than anything else
2. I play a lot of video games (Grand tourismo & Tekken) 
3. Everyday I have to lose something (phone, keys, lipstick,'s annoying guys!)
4. I think totes were the best invention of all bags
5. My favorite prints are animal prints (especially leopard) and polka dots
6. I love scary movies
7. I was a tomboy as I was growing up until the age of 16
8. I tend to procrastinate and dream with my eyes open sometimes (lol...nope I'm not a weirdo!)
9. My biggest fear is snakes, snakes and SNAKES (unless they come on a bag/shoe design print!)
10. Most of my outfits are usually paired with a hat
11.I love being in pictures although I'm conscious I'm not a good poser (so don't say "picture time" when I'm around!lol)

11 questions from Amelia:
1.What is your favourite clothing brand? H&M without any hesitation!
2.How would you describe your own style? A little bit of everything, I can't really categorize my style, all I can say is that it depends on my mood
3.Who is your style icon? Rihanna without any hesitation, even if she would wear a trash bag, I'd still find it very stylish and be amazed in admiration!
4.Who do you find an inspiration? It could be celebrities or people around you! Anywhere in my environment (Tv shows, movies, family, even cartoons!!)
5.Do you prefer a natural make up look or glamorous? Depend on the occasion but I choose natural
6.How do you like to spend your holiday? Traveling and doing risky and adrenaline-rising activities!
7.Winter or Summer fashion? Summer fashion
8.What's your favourite band/music artist? Rihanna again (and some Beyonce)!
9.Do you have any hobbies? 1. Sleeping(it's not lame!), 2. Drawing, 3. Extreme activities, 4. Girls night out, 5. blogging!
10.What's your favourite film? Inception (I love the fact that I didn't understand one thing about the movie, I didn't even realize that the movie ended until I saw the actors know that thing in the end, with the black background and the names in white scrolling up or down, you know what I'm talking about lol)
11.Are you a morning person or a night owl? A night Owl!

11questions that I'm asking:
1. If you could only own, carry or wear one item, what would it be?
2. What's your worst nightmare or biggest fear in life?
3. Which magazine or book is your favorite?
4. What post do you like the most on my blog?
5. If you had to live in another country other than yours, which one would it be!
6. Why to question 5?
7. What's your favorite drink (it could be a soda, just water or anything else if you know what I let's be serious!!)?
8. If you could be anything, what would it be?
9. What motivate you or makes you laugh when you're down?
10. If you had to change one thing about you, what would it be?
11. Who's your style icon?

Blogs I send the award to:

P.S. I wish I could nominate more blogs, I would have nominated everybody because all the blogs I follow are interesting and 'unique en son genre' !!
(Now ladies I can't wait to read your answers to my questions!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What to wear when it's raining

It has been raining a lot these days, here, Upstate NY, and I just saw (I mean right now) on the news that there is a storm happening in a small city like 1h far from where I live.

Pretty soon it's going to get cold, then colder and then...W-I-N-T-E-R!! (I get depressed every time I think about that!)

Anyways, in the meantime, I'll be caring an umbrella and a coat everywhere I go!

[Wearing]: Tan Jacket (old!) | Nine West black wedges | Black and white Polka dot dress | Orange and white polka dot scarf |  Faux croco snap frame shoulder bag (wore here)

P.S. I know people usually say that if you're wearing two prints, it's better that they'd be of different size so the outfit is not too overwhelming, but I wanted to wear both my scarf and my dress at the same time, so I tamed the outfit down by wearing a solid color (Jacket + belt) and a simple bag.

Lots of Love Lovelies,
Have a nice day :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mint Lace-Up booties with a maxi dress

Hello Lovelies,
I am finally addicted to these lace-up leatherette platform booties and I especially like them in Mint. I know I'm very late and I don't know why it took me so long! They are so comfortable and stylish and they do go well with almost all my outfits. Anyways, I just love them!

[Wearing]: H&M suede hat | white and black maxi dress (old!) | Mint lace-up leatherette booties | Tyler Rodan black leather handbag

Lots of Love