Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tigress with bloody lips

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday I was invited to a show and after I was ready, it started pouring outside so to protect my hair from getting wet, I wore a scarf around my head, like a turban, and I had to drop the idea of wearing my new brown pointed toe heels and instead wear leopard print booties! I hate when my feet get wet from the rain :).
What do you think about the look?

[Wearing]: Forever 21 Leopard print sheer maxi dress | Leopard print booties (old!) | Charlotte Russe gold collar necklace | Charlotte Russe black feather earrings | faux croco snap frame shoulder bag | Tyler Rodan leopard print umbrella (it came with the bag!)

I was going for this look first without the scarf and with the brown pointed heels (I guess it will be for next time!):

Should I have kept the brown heels with my leopard print dress?



Love the photos, love the look! Great job!!!

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Dominique L. said...

I love your turban! Not sure if you ever got this before but you resemble Michelle Obama, you're gorg!

Georgia Zemou said...

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Dominica said...

Love it!
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chocolatefashioncoffee said...

amazing look!love the whole styling, well done :)

MissPlayground said...

you look absolutely stunning! xx

Fashion babel said...

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carolina said...

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TINA said...

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Ashley said...

Lovely dress, love how you paired it with the red headwrap :)

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ASIA said...

You look amazing! Love the outfit, especially your leopard shoes <3

carolina said...

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Elena Leder said...

Nice look!!!


LOVE JOICE said...

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Stylish! said...

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Elfena said...

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Mary M. said...

Your dress is incredible and I really love the details! You have a really great blog and I would like to follow each other! Let me know :)

Have an amazing weekend!


Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing outfit!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Such a great look! I love the "Raining Men" song!

Dascha said...

Love the dress!
And you really sould keep the brown heels! Looks great on you!


Becca said...

I adore your outfit it looks amazing, thanks for visitng my blog and for following I am now following back!

Lou said...

Wow I'm really loving this outfit! You look so gorgeous!!
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Floor said...

Great outfit, I love the ring :)
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BronsonBloopers said...

I am now following you back! You look so pretty, I love the red scarf idea too!

Emilia Nita said...

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Ivana said...

What a chic look, and the splash of red is gorgeous. The earrings are beautiful.
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Cheri said...

Looks Glam with the booties or the pumps! :)

Metajojuana Nyt said...

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Metajojuana Under a Starry Nyt

Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your outfit!! Do check my blog and shall we follow each other?

Metajojuana Under a Starry Nyt

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Anonymous said...

this dress is amazing. love it so much!!! :)
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My Scrambled Style said...

You look great! I love leopard prints.

Have a nice weekend!


LOSAWAY said...

Love your boots and your bag!
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Your blog is great, I am following you now on google friend connect and twitter :)

Guylaine Fréderique said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I think you have a wonderful blog, and you're wearing a very nice outfit. I only think that you don't need to combine such big earrings with a necklace, too much. I just started to follow you. X

Anonymous said...

Very nice outfit, I like very much your accesories.
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Alina Anghel said...

fabulous look! love the turban! xx

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TomorrowlandLady said...

Amazing blog, I really love it :)
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Jessica said...

thanks for your comment and follow, i followed you back of course! i love this outfit!! it is really interesting and leopard is amazing of course! to be honest i actually prefer the booties over the brown heels :D


Jazmin R said...
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Jazmin R said...

omg, i love your outfit, so risky & it turns out really cool !

Sal. said...

You look absolutely FAB! Love the outfit!

Thanks for following me! I looove your blog! I'm following you back on GFC & I followed you on Twitter! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love your Outfit.

You look Gorgeous!

Neche said...

You look so fab! I love the dress and your red lipstick!! :)

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La x sacha said...

You look very cute in this outfit.
Hope you enjoyed the show.