Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY: Back Cross Tank top

Hello Lovelies,
GoJane Tank Top $22.99
Do you like this top? Do you want one like that? Well, consider yourself already as an owner of a top like this! I will show you how you can make this back cross tank top from an old one that is compressed and suffocating somewhere far in your closet.

What you need:
- A tank top (almost as long as the one in the picture above)
- A pair of scissors
- a ruler (please use cm)
- A washable marker
- the picture below for measurements
- your magical fingers!

Step 1: Tracing of the Rectangles
First, you need to reverse your shirt because you're going to use a marker on it, so it's better that the traces of the marker be on the inside where they won't be visible. Then, find where you want to start your first rectangle (you should make sure that you have at least 47cm of space from the top to the bottom, in which you will place all the vertical rectangles, and 23 cm  for the horizontal rectangles). Using the measurements on the picture above start tracing your rectangles (3 cm x 1 cm). Each rectangle should be separated from the next rectangle by 1cm (refer to green marks on picture) and make sure your top is straight all the time, otherwise you will end up with rectangle that are not aligned in straight lines (You can pin the top to the surface below it to secure it from moving at every of your movements). 

Step 2: Cutting the rectangles
Now that you're done with all the rectangles, it's time to cut them off. Make a small incision on one side of each rectangle (see picture below #1 and #2) and then start cutting the rectangles off (See picture below #3).

Step 3: Finalize your work
Are you done already? Good Job! Now it's time to finalize your work! Twist once and lightly the clothing tissue left in between the rectangles, then wash the top if the marks are visible (see above picture #4). Once your top is dry, return it to the right side et Voila! You have a new top!

Did you like this DIY project? Leave me a comment below and if you have some cool DIY projects you would like me to see, leave also the post url.

Thanks for reading my post! 


chocolatefashioncoffee said...

awesome idea :)

Taylor Morgan said...

Very neat! :)



You are a bad mamajama! Trust i would have purchased before I would have attempted to cut out all those rectangles.