Sunday, August 26, 2012

Outfit of yesterday: Sharing my Peplum Love

"Don't be afraid to wear yourself; Exhaust your imagination and trust your sense of style because what's your entourage see as odd today might be seen as trendy by the world of tomorrow." - J.N. 

Hello Lovelies,
I have always been a peplum girl! I think peplum clothing items add a classy feel to whatever you decide to pair them with. 

Yesterday I decided to wear my gold/bronze peplum top with shorts and oxford shoes. I went for this look because I wanted to be at my ease since I was going to move around a lot and I wasn't feeling like wearing just casual clothes because I had a date (with just a friend, ha!) later in the evening.

Although my top was already very goldish bronze and by itself, it would have been a good piece of accessory, I accessorized my outfit with a lot of bracelets because, first all, I love accessories and I feel kind of naked when I'm not wearing any and because I wanted to have something that would match my shoes (white necklace and white bracelets). I do really think that the more the better when it comes to accessories! If I had to change something about the outfit though, it would be the earrings. I would go for smaller ones, but hey it's not that bad! (ha!)

 [Wearing]: Charlotte Russe bronze peplum top | Forever 21 shorts (old!) | Steve Madden black and white Oxfords (old!) | accessories: Charlotte Russe and H&M | Shoedazzle Leopard print handbag (check here)

Lots of Love,
Thanks for reading!


Ivana said...

Love the accessories. Great outfit.


Anonymous said...

Your outfit is amazing:)

Fashion babel said...

your shoes are perfection I'll obviously never have.

love it!

Fashion babel said...

I made 17bags by myself in one day, simple ones.And that white bag I'm wearing, my dad's fashion designer girlfriend made.Glad you like it!:)
oh, I will post more photos of her bags.But who cares?
I know, I will post bags I made.yeah.

Lara Takahashi said...

Love that outfit, just all of it. A lot of stuff, and all matched :)

xxx Lara

Emilia Nita said...

Nice shoes!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love the top :)

Anonymous said...

omg, those shoes, and that bag, and that top... everything's great!

If you want we can follow each other also on Twitter and Facebook if you want. Let me know! :-)
WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

La x sacha said...

You look xtremely gorgeous darling.I hope your date (with a friend) went well.
Have a great week.

Adrianne Cruz said...

Your hair is so lovely! seems so carefree and easy ^___^

NewLife said...

Another gorgeous outfit! Love that gold top Jessy. And the oxfords!


Lolita in the Mix said...

Aaaah love that peplum too! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog! Like your blog too! Ofcourse we can follow each other. I already started following you on gfc! Let me know once you follow me on bloglovin too, that way I’ll follow you back!

Have a nice day, xoxo lorena

Iren P said...

very sweet outfit, dear!!

xoxo Iren
Living In A Kitten's World

Joy Shana said...

You look cute,nice blog, follow each other?

DaBi Vintage said...

love this look!kisses from Italy

dżasta dk said...

You have great style =]