Friday, August 3, 2012

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Anti-aging guide by Allure

Hello Lovelies,

Here are 7 tips to keep your facial skin youthful that I got from Allure, Edition for August '12:

1. "Shrink your pores" : Use a cleanser with Salycilic acid because it helps remove dead skin that can lead to clogging, which causes the expand of pores as we age.
(click here if you want to know more on the Salycilic acid and here for the reviews on the best cleansers)

2. "Let it Rip" : use once a week pore strips to remove dirt that can cause the clogging of pores and to diminish the appearance of blackheads, which usually appear on the nose.

3. "Get More Beauty Sleep" : Try to get more sleep time by incorporating nap sessions in your planner or just by going to sleep 15 min earlier for four nights in a week to get an hour more, which will reflect on the improvement of your under-eye dark circles.

4. "Pile on the Antioxidants" : These are among if not the most powerful weapons against sun damage and pollution and you know what, these weapons are tasty. Some of the best source of antioxidants are: Berries, beans, fruits, vegetables (like my mom used to say: "eat your veggies or you're not gonna grow up; she should have said veggies + eat = Forever young ha!), beverages such as green tea, red wine (I guess those Sex in the City women know what they are doing when they are drinking wine at every occasion), coffee, and fruit juices, nuts, grains, and Dark chocolate!

5. "Wipe Out Dark Spot" : Dark spots make the skin look uneven and although wrinkles are signs of aging, Allure tells us that most people view mottled skin as even-older looking. Remedy: Use some hydroquinone put directly onto the spots every night according to Allure. Personally, I would never use hydroquinone because of all the dangers that come with it (for more on the dangers, click here).

6. "Brighten Up" : Use twice a week a glycolic acid peel that you can make at home, to remove dead skin cells that pile up all over the face as we age (click here to learn how to make a homemade glycolic acid peel).

7. "Think of your Neck and Hands" : We usually forget about both of these body parts. We think about washing our face but forget about the part holding that face and our hands, we only remember them when we want to get a manicure ha! Give your neck and hands the same daily, weekly, monthly care as you do for your face, because they have betrayed many women by pointing the fake age on their passports even when their face did not show their real age!

What I use:

(Left top-Bottom right)
1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne wash with 2% salicylic acid ($ 5.97)
2. Clinic Dark spot Corrector from Macy's ($75.00)
3. Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4. Biore Deep Cleansing pore strips
5. Rasberries!
6. Gold Bond Ultimate healing hand cream
7.  Cote d'Or, Lindt Lindor, Nestle, and so on: I'm addicted to chocolate!
8. Sugar (I use sugar in my homemade solutions to remove dead cells, I will soon share my recipes)
9. Naked Juice Green Machine ($4.04)

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