Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY: Fringe top

Hello Lovelies,
I was bored yesterday so I decided to recycle some of my clothes and here is an old 'Bob Marley' top I had that I transformed into a fringe top!

 What you need:
1. An old top
2. A pair of scissors (and a ruler for step 4)
3. A marker
4. A tape
5. Your magical fingers!

Step 1: Tape the top

Start by wearing your top and look at yourself in the mirror to decide where you want to cut the top. Then, use a marker to put a small line on the spot. Once you're done, take off your top and place the tape around it. This will give a mark and tell you where to stop cutting.

Step2: Cutting

1. By using your thumb as a measurement, cut vertically until you reach the bottom of the tape. Please don't cut your beautiful thumb!! (advice: make sure that the linings (Seams) of the shirt that are on the sides, are in the middle of your cuts so when you wear your top, it's not going to tear apart, with time).
2. When you're done cutting your fringes, you have to cut the seams (Just cut right above them).

Step 3: Stretch & Twirl

For this step I only have 2 words for it: Stretch-Twirl lol. Yes, you just have to hold one fringe and stretch, then twirl it once. You don't have to twirl it though. I always do it because I want my fringes to be more spaced out from each other.

Step 4: Cutting the neckline (Optional)

You don't have to do this step if you already like the neckline of the t-shirt you used. Mine was not that good and I wanted something different so I added the small opening that you can see on the first picture. For that, I used the top tag to measure the cut and from the middle of the neckline, I put a point 4 cm from the neckline. I used the ruler to trace 2 lines from the neckline to the point before I cut it.

Thanks for reading my post and hope you liked my first DIY project. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.


Nora Aradi said...

amazing diy! Thanks for sharing!

Jessy Nyiri said...

No problem, I'm always happy to share things of my life!!lol

La x sacha said...

Waouh..This is so cool.
I will dfntly try it out.

Jessy Nyiri said...

Yep, you should definitely try and it's very fast too!