Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What to wear when shopping with friends

Hello lovelies,

         It's so sunny outside and what a better way to use the sunlight to compliment your outfit? Well, by using the it as your flash instead of your camera flash and let it shine on all the angles!! 

     I wore this outfit today when I went shopping with my girlfriends and I decided to wear a chiffon top over my floral dress that is dip dye too. So amazing! I wanted to add an edge to my outfit and make the floral pattern work with my personal style (I'm not too much of a floral girl), ha!

[wearing]:  H&M light blue heels | Forever 21 chiffon top | Forever21 Floral dress | Forever21 pink Grosgain Ribbon Cloche hat

Hope you are having a good time!What's your shopping outfit?

Lots of Love
Xoxo Lovelies


Carmen said...

Wow, lovely combination!!

Jessy Nyiri said...

Thank you Carmen,
lots of love!!

Alexis C said...

This outfit is super cool! Love the mixed prints. I also love that quote you shared ;)