Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fashion Crush Tuesday

1. @fifinyiri (Instagram)
2. & 4. @4_thee_love_of_fashion
3. @fxke.girl
5. @char_mancilla
6. @hailliedaily
7. @fightny
8. @leopardleatherlove
9. Tumblr (jessyn)
10. Bebe Metal cuff via (@satrz_wOrld)
12. Chinese Laundry (via @fifinyiri)
13. @rachparcell
14. @jenniferlake
15. Pink Peonies Blog

Hello Lovelies,
So this is a long post and I'm sorry about that. There are so many fashion bloggers out there with great stuffs! So which one really caught your eye?

Have a lovely week and please leave me a comment :) 

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