Monday, July 9, 2012

Boilermaker Road Race 2012

yesterday (07/08/12), I assisted to the Boilermaker for the first time in 3 years I've been living in Utica and I liked it. Two of my friends were running and I was there to support them!
I kind of wished that I was a good runner so I could participate too.

A little history about the Boilermaker: The Boilermaker Road Race is a 9 mile (15K) road race organized by race directors who have an affiliation with the National Distance Running Hall of Fame. The race has been happening every year in July, since 1978 in the city of Utica, Upstate New York. The race did not gain popularity until 1983 when Bill Rodgers, who is a famous American record holder in marathons, won with an incredible time of 44:38. Many runners are present for the race, from the elite runners to the casual runners; they all attend the event with a happy heart. Among the international runners, there are Kenyans, Ethiopians, Romanians, Moroccans, Peruvians, Russians, people from the Cayman Island, and so on. 

The Boilermaker is publicized as the largest 9 mile road race of the USA.

The next one will happen in July the 14th, 2013 (in exactly 370 days), if you are interested. I think I should run the event...why not? I have a whole year to train for it, right ?!! We'll see.


Tilahun Regassa from Ethiopia finished first of the race with a time of 43:01

The first followed by the 2nd & 3rd place

1st American followed by the 1st women
Right: Mamitu Daska (grey&green) from Ethiopia finished 1st among women (49:26)

There were so many runners,from different background, age, running experience:

Their families were here to support them:

There were also some runners with unusual outfits:

And finally here's my outfit for the event:

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


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Jessy Nyiri said...

Thanks Salha
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