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[Guest Post] Granny Chic to Afro-Bohemian: NY Trends for Fall 2012

Granny Chic to Afro-Bohemian: NY Trends for Fall 2012
By Alexandra Jacobs

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According to Harpers Bazaar, the fall trends for the staple New York City style, include a retro mix of lace and floral, knit tweeds, and shawls. Seems like we'll be raiding our grandma's closets this fall!

Another trend that seems to be emerging is chic sport, creating that classy relaxed feel. Fur accents, elegant embroidery, and black leather seems to be hitting the runway enabling multiple stye senses allowing a bite of the big apple to taste different every time.

Some of the famous names this fall was Marc Jacobs, sending his models out with exaggerated shapes and cartoon size accessories. Fuzzy sweaters, loopy crochet shawls, and nubby tweeds at Oscar de la Renta, and Tory Burch lead to the granny chic trend that is emerging this fall.

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Now looking at the fall trends for Brooklyn we see a lot of black and whites and leather accents. These trends create a more edgy girly feel to your style and let you explore your style boundaries. Brooklyn is taking a unique twist on the all-popular tribal print prevalent in many shops across the world. In shops such as Forever 21, tribal prints "chock a block" with African inspired prints in sticky synthetic fabrics. "Brooklynites" whose tastes hew closer to Humans of New York than H&M can just as easily invest in the August-ready real thing.

Calabar imports one of Brooklyn's newest stores are made of 100% Nigerian cotton unlike the flimsy flocks that line the stores now. The main trend going on in Brooklyn is referred to "Afro-Bohemian." Beaded Masai bangles, Taureg-style woven bracelets, and wax-print cotton clothing are erupting in stores all over Brooklyn.

Taking a look at the cheaper side of things, thrift stores have fall trends showing up for little money. Big trends showing up are: big stripes, whether it be a Parisienne boatneck or striped trousers, navajo patterns showing up in shirts, pants, dresses, scarves, etc, haircalf accessories, namely in crossbody bags, color block separates,any type of clothing being fair game in this, and the last trend this fall is scottish-inspired tartan, showing up in skirts, being paired with solid, plain basics. This fall we can see many trends emerging, and many trends fusing summer into fall.

Mavajo pattern

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